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Asian School for Hospitality Arts

September 3, 2009

1. Programs in the Asian School for Hospitality Arts are ALL TESDA registered! The following are their Certificate of Program (CoPr) nos:

• Bartending NC II – WTR 0913062554
• Food and Beverage Services NC II – WTR 0913062555
• Commercial Cooking NC II – WTR 0913062556
• Front Office Services NC II – WTR 0913062557
• Restaurant and Coffee Shop Services Leading to Food and Beverage Services II – WTR 0913063558
• Housekeeping NC II WTR 091306280
2. The professors and instructors of ASHA (Asian School for Hospitality Arts or CHAMP School) are all competent and world-class professionals specially picked because they are known to teach and deliver excellent service and education.

3. ASHA puts the student in the center of their curriculum, putting forward their belief in the student’s potential and talents.

4. Owing to the competent nature of the management of the school, O.R. forms are necessary to be presented as proof of enrollment of each student. The Official Enrollment Receipt, in the form of Enrollment forms and receipts are essential proof of the student’s enrollment in any institution. Thus, any lack of proof to be presented by the student can be grounds for denying them their certificates.

5. ASHA believes in the independence and autonomy of their students. Thus they are allowed to learn at their own pace, provided that they do not disrupt other students in the process.

6. The Modules necessary for studying in ASHA are modules which can not only be used to enhance the classroom learning experience but are also those which can be applied practically and outside the classroom setting.

7. The Asian School for Hospitality Arts believes in the industry-immersed approach to learning the ins and about of the restaurant and hospitality industry. Thus, the students are tasked to learn the skills in the field itself–using the facilities of the affiliate places of CHAMP in order for them to experience first hand the restaurant and hospitality industry.
8. Owing to the passionate belief of CHAMP, their students are deployed and made to train in their affiliate institutions. CHAMP approaches their On the Job training in a wholistic manner thus covering every aspect of the food and beverage service and the banquet operations.

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  1. October 20, 2009 12:09 pm

    It seems that ASHA is very well organized and knows exactly what the institution has to do in order of keeping its students at top that will provide them with a successful future.

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